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Victoria II: Heart of Darkness Summary

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Victoria II: Heart of Darkness now available

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Paradox has announced that Heart of Darkness, the second expansion for the grand strategy game Victoria II, is now available for purchase from major digital retailers.

Revamped naval combat examined in Victoria II: Heart of Darkness dev diary

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Paradox Interactive has released the second developer diary for Victoria II: Heart of Darkness, in which the developer discusses how the new, revamped naval combat is resolved.

Paradox begin pre-orders for Victoria II: Heart of Darkness, launches April 16th

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The latest expansion to Paradix Interactive's Victoria II can now be pre-ordered. Heart of Darkness adds a lot more ways to "grab and hold colonies in the mad scramble for Africa." It releases mid-April.

Select outlets will offer Victoria I Complete to those who pre-order, or 75% off Victoria titles including Victoria II and Victoria II: A House Divided. This add-on also adds International Crises.

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