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War for the Overworld officially releases March 6th

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Dungeon management and god game War for the Overworld is finally set for an official release by Subterranean Games. The spiritual heir to the Dungeon Keeper crown is finally within reach.

As an Underlord we must dig and expand our underground lair, while keeping tabs on our minions and the inevitable invasion of nosey heroes coming to adventure for justice, fame and our gold.

War for the Overworld receives v0.4.0 'Überlord' Bedrock Beta update

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Subterranean Games has released the huge 'Überlord' Bedrock Beta update, bringing a host of sweeping changes and a UI overhaul to War for the Overworld. In fact it's such a "massive overhaul" they advise watching a video.

The changelog for v0.4.0 is gargantuan and confirms work-in-progress features the Subterranean team have. The Veins of Evil 'tech trees' have been redesigned too.

Subterranean Games tease further beta features coming to War for the Overworld

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The Bedrock Beta underway for War for the Overworld continues and developer Subterranean Games has now teased more of what's coming in the next major milestone with v0.4.0, which is busy being finalized.

This new major update adds a minimap, prop ghosts to see what rooms and items look like when placed, better tile selection, unique creature lairs, sealed ceilings and...

Dungeon Keeper: In Loving Memory Of

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Turn that frown upside-down as we celebrate the past, present and future of Dungeon Keeper.

War for the Overworld OS X build remains bugged, working with Unity team

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Subterranean Games has issued an update on the state of the OS X build of War for the Overworld. Sadly there's no immediate fix in sight as the team is now working with Unity's support staff.

The problem lies in packaged assets reaching about 1.5GB, which causes the OS X build to crash. Subterranean has "a few other options" available but it would take time and resources.

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