Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Latest News

Could Blizzard be about to re-release Warcraft 3?

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Classic Blizzard strategy games including Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne could be on the verge of getting a re-release, if several icons hidden in the latest update to the Battle.net launcher are to be believed.

While no support for the game is listed just yet, a background image and several user icons were discovered by MMO-Champion.

First set image from Warcraft movie released

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Hollywood's Empire magazine has a lone image of director Duncan Jones working on the set of the Warcraft movie adaptation. It appears that it could be the set of the Stormwind throne room.

Filming for Warcraft is taking place in Vancouver and it's expected to open in theatres around March 2016. Blizzard delayed the film because of a clash with the new Star Wars: Episode VII.

Source Code director signs on for Legendary Pictures' Warcraft adaptation

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Blizzard's Warcraft will be brought to the silver screen by Duncan Jones, who has directed sci-fi films Moon and Source Code. He accepts the challenge of making a "proper MOVIE of a video game."

Charles Leavitt has penned the script for Warcraft, which is being kept very secret. Filming should begin in late 2013 for 2015 release. It's rumoured Johnny Depp might be involved.

Blizzard acquired 'Project Blackstone' domain November 26th

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A web domain for 'Project Blackstone' was once owned by a Texas resident but they let it expire last year, according to WHOIS records, but now Blizzard has snapped it up this week.

There are no webpage connections to the domain as of yet; Blizzard are just sitting on it. There's little to no reference to 'Blackstone' in any lore created by the studio.

Blizzard seek to wrestle control of 'Heroes of Warcraft' domain

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Warcraft creators Blizzard Entertainment aren't happy that the domain HeroesofWarcraft.com is currently outside their control. Last month the studio registered WarcraftBattles.com for some reason.

Speculation has the studio looking to revive the iconic PC RTS series Warcraft. Blizzard has filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum in an attempt to be 'given' the domain.

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