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Wargame Red Dragon gets free new Second Korean War DLC

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Eugen Systems has patched in a bunch of new content for its large scale real-time strategy game Wargame Red Dragon, adding 12 new units and an additional full-length story campaign.

The Second Korean War is an alternate history storyline set in 1992 in which the Korean conflict never ended, and sees China, North Korea, and the Soviet Union facing of against the US.

Launch trailer for Wargame: Red Dragon, RTS releases tomorrow on PC

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Eugen Systems will be releasing Wargame: Red Dragon tomorrow which adds naval warships into the mix of ground and airborne units, as they boast it's "even more ambitious than AirLand Battle".

These naval vessels are "not merely extra units" but add a whole new strategic depth and will "unlock fresh tactical opportunities" for those who exploit these new assets.

Pre-orders grant Beta Early Access to Wargame Red Dragon

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Eugen Systems' latest RTS Wargame Red Dragon can now be pre-ordered and those that do can start playing their very first multiplayer battles today. The Beta Early Access will receive regular content updates.

New maps, features like the dynamic campaign system, and naval units will be added in the run up to full launch. Red Dragon's inclusion of naval forces lends a "fresh strategic depth".

Wargame Red Dragon Pre-orders Grant you Access to Early Beta Version

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Focus Home Interactive announced this morning that the pre-order phase for Wargame Red Dragon, the latest title in the RTS series developed by Eugen Systems, starts today. Pre-ordering will grant fans access to the game's Early Access Beta, which allows them to try out the multiplayer mode.

To celebrate this announcement a new Naval Trailer has been released, which shows the new naval forces engaging in one of the biggest "naval battles ever seen in a video game".

Eugen Systems release overview trailer for Wargame: Red Dragon

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Real-time strategy tactics game Wargame: Red Dragon has just received a new trailer giving an overview of its features and setting, which is in the Cold War but after the two original games in the series.

This time it's in East Asia with China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea and the ANZAC nations. Ships and naval warfare are now in the mix, with nations brought up to 1991.

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