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Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War II - Retribution Mods

Category Name Mods Downloads Total size Last update
Skins / Textures / Menu Mods 1 14 1.63 MB Dec 17, 2014
General Mods 11 266 3.7 GB Dec 16, 2014
All Mods 13 327 3.71 GB Dec 16, 2014

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Latest mods

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens (Gamma)

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 8 months ago
  • 1.41 GB

This mod aims at modifying Dawn of War 2 Retribution to portray combat in a more lore-accurate manner.

Destroyer 40k Mod 2.0

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 10 months ago
  • 178 MB

Tons of new units and wargear options for Space Marines and Chaos Marines, as well as the Tau as a playable race(Models by NastyNoodle), and the Grey Knights of the Inquisition as a playable race via upgrade at marine HQ.

Greathammer Mod 1.0

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 10 months ago
  • 56.9 MB

Dawn of War II Retribution. New units and skins.

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens (Beta)

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 11 months ago
  • 1.88 GB

This mod aims at modifying Dawn of War 2 Retribution to portray combat in a more lore-accurate manner.

Harlequin Mod 0.5r

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 11 months ago
  • 106 MB

This mod gives the faction a distinctive arsenal of long- and short- ranged weapons with differing effectivity against various targets.

Zone Control 0.1

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 2 years ago
  • 19.5 MB

The purpose is quite simple, each player begins with a bunker, which repeatedly spawns marines (1 marine every 2 sec), who can be controlled and sent to your enemies.

Dead Bodies Stay SP/MP

  • [Mod]
  • Posted almost 3 years ago
  • 17.6 MB

The bodies of unites ( Imperial guardsmen, Space marines etc.) stay on the battlefield. Destroyed vehicles disappear because it would be chaos for path finding.

DoW II: Retribution - Popcap Mod

  • [Mod]
  • Posted almost 3 years ago
  • 16.2 MB

This mod change the popcap to 999 in both the multiplayer and campaign and adds a few requisition and power

Mika999 Maps for DOW2 - Retribution

  • [Map]
  • Posted about 3 years ago
  • 7.97 MB

This is my Map Pack for DOW2-Retribution.... I hope you like it. :) Visit my homepage by click on 'MOD Homepage" button for updates and suggestions.

TC (Team Colorable) Mod

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 3 years ago
  • 1.63 MB

This mod edits certain units textures for team color compatibility. You can pick and choose different models or an all inclusive version (which i will put here, the current download is a placeholder for now) for now you can go to homepage link to pick an

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