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Wasteland 2 being upgraded to Unity 5 codebase by inXile, allows "better tools for modding"

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An apocalyptic landscape is inXile Entertainment's forte, and they're still working on Wasteland 2 with ambitious plans. The team continues looking at balancing issues, but they've got big things in mind.

Wasteland 2 is migrating to the new Unity 5 codebase, which means things previously tied to Unity 4.x Pro will be opened up freely to modders under the new engine. The game is also "getting a facelift."

Wasteland 2 receives "absolutely massive" Patch 6, inXile fix "couple of critical quest bugs"

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The latest patch for cRPG Wasteland 2 is available and it's another huge list of changes from inXile entertainment. Steam Achievements are now a thing for Mac and Linux.

Don't worry, you're contracted STD in Arizona will now count properly, and there's now a "large rolling gate" in the Prison HQ to stop accidentally breaking quest sequences. Practically everything's been tweaked.

Huge Wasteland 2 update adds faster travel, memory optimisations and more

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There's a pretty hefty new update out for Wasteland 2. Summarising every aspect of it would take me three or four years, but one key change to note is a large amount of memory optimisations which should improve performance on lower-spec machines.

InXile has also added a faster travel option for the world map. Now they add it. After I've spent forty hours or so trudging about the desert at roughly the same speed as a sloth with a sprained ankle, they add it now.

Wasteland 2's first post-launch patch due today, "save games will be fine"

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Brian Fargo and inXile Entertainment are patching Wasteland 2 for the first time since officially releasing. There are still a number of bugs and glitches to work through, including the combat stats.

To a great cheer among Rangers, Fargo reveals they've "backed off on gun jamming" percentages, which are happening much too frequently given the numbers.

*UPDATE* Wasteland 2 earns $1.5 million over four days, claims inXile

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According to inXile Entertainment, its long awaited post-apocalyptic sequel Wasteland 2 has earned over $1.5 million in sales over the first four days since it launched last Friday.

"We are ecstatic that the style of game we love so much has been embraced so well," said inXile's founder Brian Fargo. He's right to be chuffed, those are some impressive numbers.

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