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There's "a lot of room for improvement" in Watch Dogs, admits Ubisoft creative director

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When Watch Dogs was unveiled in a surprise announcement at their press conference at E3 a few years back it exploded onto the scene and let gamers imaginations run wild, but then it released and the bubble popped.

Technical problems and accusations of some serious visual downgrades, and even gameplay, left a sour taste for many. Creative director Jonathan Morin partly blames the 'blank canvas' of any new IP.

Ubisoft's 'free game offer' for Assassin’s Creed: Unity Season Pass begins

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A special webpage for those who own the Season Pass to Assassin’s Creed: Unity is now online where you can take up Ubisoft's offer a free game to compensate for the disastrous launch.

Those eligible need only select their platform (the same as the one they own Unity), and then choose between a selection of Ubisoft's latest titles like The Crew and Far Cry 4.

Rumour: PS4 patch 'downgrades' Assassin's Creed: Unity visuals, PC patch yet to release [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: The lighting 'downgrade' on the patched PS4 version of the game is not limited to just one platform, it has been reported. It's also the result of a bug linked to the 'Time of Day' setting in the game. It's unlikely this has been addressed in the PC patch yet to release either.

Original story follows:

According to those who've got their PS4 versions of Assassin's Creed: Unity patched, the whopping 2GB update that targets performance issues also 'downgrades' the visuals - specifically the lighting.

It hasn't been confirmed as of yet but images are surfacing with rather damning comparisons. Troubling is that the PC is due a performance update which is yet to go live. Will it follow suit?

Watch Dogs sequel will tackle original's flaws in "surprising" and "radical" ways, says Ubisoft

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Though the critical reception wasn't universally positive, Watch Dogs certainly did the business when it came to sales, shipping around 8 million copies by July 2014. Still, developer Ubisoft says there's improvements to be made for the future of the franchise.

Speaking to CVG, Ubisoft Montreal's vice president of creative Lionel Raynaud admitted that the game wasn't perfect, but claimed that the team is listening to criticisms of both the narrative and the occasionally uninspired story missions.

Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC coming this September

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Eccentric hacker T-Bone is getting his own chapter of Watch Dogs DLC. Bad Blood features an entirely new singleplayer campaign consisting of ten new missions, as well as various new weapons and toys.

It's coming this September 23 for those with a Watch Dogs Season Pass, while everyone else will have to wait until September 30.

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