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Does World of Warplanes reach the dizzying heights of its predecessor or is it a case of crashing and burning?

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World of Warplanes adds extended map and batch of new planes‏

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World of Warplanes has received its latest Update 1.6, adding new aircraft, user interface and technical improvements and an extension to the ‘El Halluf’ battle arena.

Developer Wargaming has added the new MiG class of Russian fighters, "starting at Tier V with the early, still Yak-inspired MiG-3, and going all the way through to Tier X with the high-flying MiG-15bis."

World of Warplanes 1.4 update released, brings new maps and fixes

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Wargaming has released the latest update for its online aerial combat game, World of Warplanes. Update 1.4 brings two new maps, as well as various new features and improvements.

World of Warplanes flight school video teaches you the basics of ground attack aircraft

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Wargaming has released the latest in their line of Flight Academy tutorial videos for online aviation MMO World of Warplanes today. The latest entry focuses on the essentials of flying ground attack planes.

Wargaming "very happy" with Warplanes, 8 million users a "huge success"

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While the World of Warplanes MMO might only be worth 10% of World of Tanks thunderous 80 million registered users, Wargaming is nonetheless "very happy" with their winged spin-off.

They "might not call it a big success" when compared to WoT, but across the industry it's a "huge success" to achieve 8 million. Warplanes is also more Western-orientated.

World of Warplanes new tutorial video looks at combat performance

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Wargaming has expanded its Flight Academy video series with a new instalment that looks at the "combat characteristics" in World of Warplanes, as well as plane equipment and upgradeable modules.

They brief MMO pilots on "every parameter of a warbird," and give insight into what equipment can play a key role in the skies. World of Warplanes is currently in open beta.

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