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World of Tanks and The Banner Saga "filtered out" by Paradox Interactive, "not always our money to make"

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If you ask whether Paradox Interactive would have liked to have published MMO World of Tanks and surprise hit The Banner Saga, then surely they'd jump at the chance? Not so, reveals VP of acquisition, Shams Jorjani.

Paradox actually had the opportunity to sign them but didn't "due to them not matching our pillars," they explained. CEO Fred Wester adds they "weren't sure about the business model" for World of Tanks.

World of Warships second Beta Weekend starts January 23rd

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Wargaming has scheduled the next Beta Weekend for their naval MMO World of Warships for this Friday, January 23rd. It will run until late Sunday, January 25th. The first test weekend was "a great success."

There was an "undeniable demand" for aircraft carriers, offering unique RTS style naval combat. This brings the total class of warships to four, joining destroyers, cruisers and battleships.

Wargaming releases first gameplay footage of World of Warships

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World of Warships is the naval alternative to World of Tanks that's been in development at for what seems like an ice age.

After an extended period of silence, the developer has finally released the very first gameplay trailer. Explosions, biplanes and some pretty water effects. What more could you want?

World of Warships Dev Diary 3: Aircraft Carriers Video

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Wargaming today unveiled the third episode in a series of developer diaries for the naval battle game, World of Warships. The new video diary focuses on aircraft carriers and their impactful effect on the battlefield.

Watch the World of Warships team explain how these impressive vessels stand out from battleships, cruisers, and destroyers by bringing a unique RTS style gameplay to the fight. Discover the four different types of warplane squadrons (Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bombers, Scouts and Fighter Planes) that can be launched from an aircraft carrier and learn how to turn the course of the battle by using each of them.

Wargaming discusses difficulties of making naval combat fun in World of Warships

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Making a tactical action game set at sea isn't easy. Have you ever seen the sea? It's boring, just a big flat, blue pond with nothing on it. Which is why developer Wargaming's had to think carefully about how to liven up their naval warfare MMO World of Warships.

"One of the reasons why the game has taken so long in development is actually balancing that - it's incredibly complex, because the sea is an open space," Wargaming's head of publishing Mike Federov told Strategy Informer in a recent interview.

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