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The turn-based retro classic is faithfully reborn, without sacrificing its alien heritage.

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Firaxis is considering a remake of XCOM classic Terror from the Deep

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Released in 1995, MicroProse's XCOM: Terror from the Deep is one of the most beloved entries in the long-running strategy series, a deep-sea spin on the alien invasion template that added new challenges, new alien enemies and a cool, vaguely Lovecraftian aesthetic.

It's an entry that fans would like to see developer Firaxis revisit, given their successful reboot of the franchise with XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within.

Meet the new and improved Muton from XCOM 2

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You guys remember Mutons from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, right? You'd be merrily blasting sectoids apart with rocket launchers or punching stealth squids in the head, and suddenly these great big b******s would lumber round the corner, plasma rifle blaring.

Makes me angry just thinking about it. And it sounds like they'll be even more of a danger in XCOM 2 – the aliens have been experimenting with human DNA, resulting in a smarter, deadlier Muton. Gulp.

Firaxis 'doubling down' on soldier customisation in XCOM 2, nationality will determine "accented voices"

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Naming the brave souls on the frontline battling the alien invasion in XCOM 2 is just the first step in deeper customisation that Firaxis is developing. We can also affect gender and nationality, including voiced accents.

Not every accent will be represented, admitted senior producer Garth DeAngelis, but there'll be a good selection with "more English accents" too. Want a Chinese solider with a thick Scottish bark? Sure!

2K Games announces XCOM 2 exclusive to PC this November

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Put away your probes and take off those tinfoil hats. 2K Games has just beamed into our minds the knowledge we've all been searching for: Firaxis is working on XCOM 2. What's more is that it's PC exclusive.

It's a full sequel to 2012's highly lauded XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Things haven't turned out so great for humanity, and the XCOM initiative has had to go dark as the Advent Government rises.

Jake Solomon addresses fate of "ultimate psi soldier" in XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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Designer Jake Solomon has tweeted a clarification about how things went down at the end of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It's something of a spoiler obviously so best not paid any attention unless...

If you've gotten to the end of the fantastic reboot of XCOM with Enemy Unknown then perhaps you'll want to know exactly what Soloman and his team at Firaxis meant with that ending.

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