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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

The turn-based retro classic is faithfully reborn, without sacrificing its alien heritage.

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2K Games announces XCOM 2 exclusive to PC this November

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Put away your probes and take off those tinfoil hats. 2K Games has just beamed into our minds the knowledge we've all been searching for: Firaxis is working on XCOM 2. What's more is that it's PC exclusive.

It's a full sequel to 2012's highly lauded XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Things haven't turned out so great for humanity, and the XCOM initiative has had to go dark as the Advent Government rises.

Jake Solomon addresses fate of "ultimate psi soldier" in XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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Designer Jake Solomon has tweeted a clarification about how things went down at the end of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It's something of a spoiler obviously so best not paid any attention unless...

If you've gotten to the end of the fantastic reboot of XCOM with Enemy Unknown then perhaps you'll want to know exactly what Soloman and his team at Firaxis meant with that ending.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown coming to Linux this Summer

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Feral Interactive will bring XCOM: Enemy Unknown and all its DLC content, including expansion pack Enemy Within, to Linux operating systems this Summer, the developer has announced.

The Linux version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be a SteamPlay title that runs on Ubuntu 14.04 and Valveā€™s SteamOS.

Linux version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown spotted in Steam database

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Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown has had its cover blown by a nosy-parker who spotted the turn-based strategy lurking within the Steam database with penguins of a dubious nature. It's possible they're extra-terrestrial.

Steam has been making a big push for Linux especially as their SteamOS is based off it. It makes sense Firaxis would want their XCOM reboot ready for Steam Machines.

2K: Firaxis announcing "new AAA game" tomorrow at PAX East

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Civilization developer Firaxis will be announcing a "new AAA game" tomorrow, according to 2K Games teaser for their PAX East 2014 'pre-show checklist'. More XCOM or Civilization?

The 'Firaxis Games Mega Panel' will commence tomorrow at 4:30pm BST for one hour at the DragonFly Theatre. 2K promise an "exciting sneak peek" at their latest project.

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