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Can an indie studio match up to the might of Firaxis in their attempt to revive a classic?

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Xenonauts version 1.0 released, alien-hunting strategy title leaving Early Access in two weeks time

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While the glorious XCOM: Enemy Unknown brought modern polish to the venerable alien-hunting franchise, indie title Xenonauts is hoping to recreate the 2D isometric heyday of the alien-hunting strategy series.

Developer Goldhawk Interactive has announced that the final 1.0 version of the game is complete and available to the public, and the title will finally be leaving Steam Early Access sometime in the next two weeks. There's a tentative release date of June 16, but that might yet change.

Xenonauts now available on Steam

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Goldhawk Interactive's XCOM-style global scale strategic / tactical combat strategy game Xenonauts is now available on Steam Early Access. The game takes place during the Cold War as a multinational organization fends off an alien invasion.

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