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JCB Pioneer: Mars

Survival/strategy game set on Mars.

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Grimm: Dark Legacy

Grimm: Dark Legacy will take place several hundred years before the TV’s show’s contemporary setting.

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Titan Siege

The anger of the titans has shaken the human world for long enough... It’s time to fight back.

Latest news

Mars survival sandbox JCB Pioneer: Mars landing August 31 on Early Access

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There's also a new video that showcases JCB's involvement in the Mars survival/base building sim and the tools you'll use to survive.

Operation Raccoon City dev had new Resident Evil title canned due to Star Wars Battlefront leaks

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Star Wars Battlefront 3 assets left on Raccoon City disc meant that Slant Six were pulled off their unrevealed second Resident Evil title.

Free-to-play online multiplayer game based on Grimm TV series announced - Grimm: Dark Legacy

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GamesCo has announced that a new free-to-play online multiplayer game based on the NBC fantasy television show Grimm has been announced - Grimm: Dark Legacy. The game will take place several hundred years before the show's modern setting.