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Firaxis And 2K Are Now Offering a 60-Turn Demo Of Civilization VI Through Their Website

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Content with the offerings of a certain bundle last month? Whether you're still plodding along with Civilization V, IV, III or one of its various spin-offs, Firaxis still want you to give Civilization VI a while - and they're offing a demo to coax you over.

Australia Joins Civilization VI With The Promise Of Co-Op And Mod Support Due "Soon"

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Better late than never, Firaxis has started to briefly outline their plans for mod support within Sid Meier's Civilization VI. Arguable more important, however, is the news of the upcoming Australian Summer update.

Sid Meier's Civilization Series Crosses Tiles To Make It Into The Latest Humble Bundle

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What was once a rarity has recently become a regular occurrence. Despite that, Humble Bundles continue to sell from proverbial hot cakes. But it's all about the charity. So what's next? Civilization!

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