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5 Things We Want To See In Bioshock 4

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There's a new Bioshock game in development at 2K. We've played and loved them all, so here's everything we want to see from the new game!

Bioshock: From Rapture to Columbia Out Now

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New book offers a in-depth investigation into the making of the entire Bioshock series at Irrational and 2K Marin, from concept to the closure of Irrational. We've got a sample inside.

Already own the BioShock games on Steam? They’ll be upgraded when the collection releases

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Most PC users at this point will probably own at least one BioShock title, I mean, they are only some of the best games of the last decade. 2K have announced that if you own any of the BioShock games prior to BioShock: The Collection releasing, your games will be upgraded automatically. This includes the commentary tracks, any graphical upgrades and all the DLC released for those games.

You may have missed the news last Friday – 2K are releasing BioShock: The Collection, which includes upgraded versions of BioShock 1 and 2 as well as the current version of BioShock Infinite. This collection will cost $59.99 (which usually converts to about £40 in the UK).

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