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Steam Is Changing User Reviews' "Helpful" Algorithm To Prevent Manipulation

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"Reviews should help paint a picture of what it's like to play the game and how well the game has been enjoyed by the people who have already played it."

Robert Guillaume, The Voice Of Dr. Eli Vance In Half-Life 2, Has Passed Away

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It's never great having to report on the death of a gaming icon, but Robert Guillaume played a big role in the continued culture of PC gaming. With a key role in Half-Life 2 - a title just about any gamer knows of - knowing he'll never return whether we get Half-Life 3 or not is a major upset.

One Of Gaming's Most Iconic Maps - Dust2 - Is Getting A Makeover

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When people talk about the dawn of the multiplayer FPS genre, it's always Doom, Quake and Counter Strike crowding the conversation. But Counter Strike has managed to stand the test of time by offering up an individual map that's still a part of the eSports scene - Dust2. And it's getting another makeover real soon.

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