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Steam's Next Overhaul Plans To Bury 'Fake Games' Under 'A Sea Of Algorithms'

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Valve and Steam are two parts of a single complicated machine. While players beckon Valve for Half Life 3, developers likely hound the company to increase visibility of their titles on the Steam marketboard. It's a place that's always changing, and it's apparently due another overhaul.

Steam Community Artists Hit Breaking Point As Potential Income Falls 6x With Recent Steam Workshop Changes

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Artists are constantly battling against those who assume their work isn't worth a dime, and Valve are essentially doing the same according to artists currently offering up their work through the Steam Workshop.

Valve And LG Partner Up For A New VR Headset Set To Debut At This Week's Game Developers Conference

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Whether you expected it or not, Valve is still in the VR business - but no longer strictly with HTC. LG want a piece of the action, and Valve are ready to deliver.

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