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Best Co-Op Games To Enjoy Together

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Multiplayer games don't always have to be competitive. Sometimes taking on challenges alongside a friend or more can provide as much, or even more, fun and entertainment as a competitive multiplayer game. While co-op titles rarely match the overall popularity of their competitive counterparts, the category still counts a number of masterpieces in its ranks.

Gordon Freeman comes to Final Fantasy XV in the Half-Life Pack

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Anyone who buys Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition on Steam before May will be able to dress up as Gordon Freeman and wield his iconic crowbar in the game.

The Greatest Virtual Reality Games On PC

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Some of the hype around VR may have quieted down and the promise of it becoming the next big thing in gaming may yet be a bit further off, but the platform is still strong and developing, with early adopters no longer being plagued by a game drought. Not only does VR have plenty of titles, it also has plenty of great titles.

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