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Marc Laidlaw Expected The Half-Life Franchise To Be "one cliffhanger after another"

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Even if your wish for Half-Life 3 was to ever come true, it wouldn't satisfy the itch for very long. That's the idea we're getting from series writer Marc Laidlaw.

Ready Your Half-Life 3 Ideas - The Original Half-Life Just Received An Update After 19 Years

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In yet another string of events that's likely to have someone calling out Half-Life 3 confirmed, Valve have stirred the pot by updating the original Half-Life first released in 1998.

Want To Stream PC Games To Your Living Room TV? Your Samsung TV May Already Be Able To Do Just That

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Swapping out low-res bulky CRT screens for HD Plasma or LCD, then to 3D screens and 'Smart' OLED panels with all those fancy apps, the TV is the centre of a living room; and Samsung's are another solid push in the right direction for PC gamers.

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