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The Daedalic Armageddon Bundle offering 90% off on Steam

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Someone over at Daedalic Entertainment has barricaded themselves in a room with the company's Steam account and set off Armageddon. Thankfully they lack the actual capabilities to end the world, and instead went discount mad.

'The Daedalic Armageddon Bundle' is available for just over 24 hours and offers the Deponia trilogy, the Edna-Series, both Dark Eye Adventures and more, for just £12.99.

1954 Alcatraz out March 11th on Steam and GOG.com

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Irresponsible Games' adventure 1954 Alcatraz will be escaping confinement from its island prison March 11th for PC and Mac. Daedalic Entertainment adds it will have full English and German localisation.

We decide the fates of Joe and Christine, with Joe serving hard time for armed robbery and Christine left to deal with the mob wanting their slice of the money pie. It's set in 1950's San Francisco.