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Preview: Eugen Systems' latest is an ode to the golden days of the RTS.

Act of Aggression is clearly positioned as the old-school alternative to the large-scale strategic decision-making of Eugen Systems’ recent work on the Wargame franchise, a fast-paced and bombastic ode to the classic age of the RTS. Anyone familiar with the base-building and explosive combat of the Command & Conquer series will feel right at home here, though Eugen has a few tricks up their sleeve to keep...

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Preview: Generally speaking, are we on tracks?

Gamescom is a long, hectic whirlwind filled with noise, musty smells and shattering exhaustion. It’s brilliant. Everybody should go. The days are filled with people, sounds, and brain-saturating media thrust in your direction from every angle, which makes it simultaneously the most exciting and frazzling event you could ever attend. It takes a lot to puncture through the late-afternoon...