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Adr1ft will be coming to other VR platforms

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Adr1ft, the game that you may remember as either a lost-in-space simulator or as Gravity: The Virtual Reality experience, is one of the anchors of the Oculus Rift launch. But it won’t be an exclusive forever.

ADR1FT will be launching on Oculus Rift VR and Steam in March

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ADR1FT is a science-fiction interactive adventure from developer Three One Zero set in the the broken remains of a destroyed space station. The game has been delayed without a concrete date and for good reason, as it's now set to launch on the same day as the Oculus Rift.

Check out ten minutes of space thriller Adr1ft

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Here's an extended look at Three One Zero's first-person space thriller Adr1ft, which aims to do for virtual reality gaming what Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity did for 3D cinema back in 2013.

Namely put you in the shoes of an astronaut having the worst day of their career. The team's just released a nine-minute teaser for the game, which is one of the flagship Oculus Rift launch titles.

ADR1FT will be launch title for Oculus Rift

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Publisher 505 Games and developer Three One Zero have announced that their first person space adventure game, ADR1FT, will be one of the launch titles for the VR headset Oculus Rift in 2016.

Adr1ft E3 2015 trailer for first-person 'interactive fiction' in space, launches September 20th

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Three One Zero is behind the game Adr1ft which is an 'interactive fiction' that's first-person and powered by the Unreal Engine. We play an astronaut in space that's cast adrift following the destruction of a space station.

There's only so much oxygen to breathe and we have to try and repair the escape vehicle to return to Earth. Our astronaut has no memory so there are clues to gather as we 'fight to avoid violence'.

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