Agarest: Generations of War

EU & US Release date: 3 Oct, 2013
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Agarest: Generations of War Review

For the people that really, really like Tifa.

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Unfairly judged: Agarest. · by Shanara99 ·

You clearly have no idea on how to review, or play this game. As such, let me correct you a little.

The story is a multigenerational epic of good vs evil, in the most pure cvhivalry style. As such, it takes some tropes from Amadis de Gauda, or Orlando furioso, It should be noted that the genre in particular tends to be chauvinistic, but the game tends to balance this, by portraying reprehensible conducts as bad, and non desireable.

While it's true that a small part of every generation is dedicated to meeting, knowing, and reacting to 3 possible leads, it's also true that said parts take less than 10 % of the alloted time per generation, which makes it unfair to call this game a "date simulator". It'd be also misleading, since the election of a particular companion over other makes no consecuence in the story, affecting only the stats your offspring will have in the next generation, and you don't even need to play that character due to an overabundance of characters. The dating part is, tho, just a vestigial part from the JRPG subgenre.

The best part of this title is the music. The themes are quite masterfully composed, and set both the tone, and the overarching ideas for the plot. The different arrangement of themes is also helpful in learning the personality of our characters. It's not "music for music's sake" but music in serving the plot. From slow adaggios talking about the horrors of wars, to perky andante con brio egging us to keep going.

The crux of the game, tho, is the combat system. Or systems. It's easy to dismiss it as "another bland iteration of TBSRPG", but that'd be doing it a dishonor. The basis of the combat system is planification.Not only you have to plan where you'll place your characters, so they can be linked, and perform unison attacks, or combos, but you also need to plan where they'll end once they end the attack, make sure your weak casters are protected, and in position to keep going on with their remaining action points. It's not an easy system to master, and that might scare some people, but S-ranking every combat is very rewarding, and entirely possible. There is little to no randomness in the system, so success or failure are all on the player.

It's true that the game is a little grindy at parts, but the equipment obtained with the DLC solves that problem entirely, making it posible to beat the game without repeating any combat, and even skipping quite a few.

There's a crafting system, that requires, again, planing. You don't just go for the better stats. You need to make sure you czan do your best with your skills and action points. Not only that, but you also want to be able to beat every combat fast, as this rewards you with more equipment points, again eliminating grinding time, BUT also you want to make long chains, granting more technical points, so you can buy the better weapons and skill manuals. Chosing the "best attack" weapon will get you nowhere.

However, no game is perfect. The lack of rebindable keys definetly hurts this pc port, specially if playing with keyboard+mouse, since the "cancel" button is also linked with jump, and it's the right click, while walking is set to the keyboard, making it akward, at best. A gamepad is recommended. Specially since the pad is 100 % rebindable.

The lack of a zoom is destacable, specially in combat, and rotating the screen is only partially helpful at times, and completly unhelpful at other times, with parts of the background obstructing the view.

There's a distinctlve lack of a tutorial in a game that's harsh towards begginers, and even towards intermediate fans of the genre.

But, if you manage to learn all the systems, and get good enough at planning, this game is VERY rewarding.

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