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Age of Empires Online Features

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Interview: We talk to two of the masterminds behind Age of Empires: Online...

We get the feeling there's a bit of assuming going on when it comes to Age of Empires: Online - the art style makes it look like a Facebook game, but the fact that RTS legends Gas Powered Games are involved also suggests that something deeper might be going on as well. Strategy Informer decided to go talk to Danan Davis and Chris Taylor to get to the bottom of things: <br...

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Preview: We've been playing with the Age of Empires: Online Beta. Here's what we think...

It can't be easy, stepping into somebody else's shoes. For many PC gamers, especially the strategy fans, the Age of Empires series was one of those iconic PC Gaming franchises. It was fun, it was engaging, and it left a lasting impression on us all. With the closure of Ensemble Studios - the original developers, it seemed for a while that there wasn't going to be any more... and...