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Alien: Isolation Summary


Alien: Isolation Review

A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like you're the Queen.

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Alien: Isolation Gains Unofficial VR Support Years After It Was Stripped From Its Final Release

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Back in September last year, we reported on the odd possibility of Creative Assembly's fantastic entry in the waning ALIEN videogame franchise - Alien: Isolation - eventually having its original VR mode officially added back in. It didn't happen back then, but someone made it happen last week - in a sense.

Alien: Covenant Might Arrive With A Scary VR Counterpart Similar To Alien: Isolation

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Apparently seeing VR as less a promotional vehicle and more a 'new media opportunity', Fox will utilize the tech in a similar fashion to their Martian VR experience by giving this year's Alien: Covenant movie its VR spin.

Alien: Isolation to possibly get an official VR version

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Virtual Reality and horror are two great things that when combined can offer a terrifying experience like no other. With the ability to be fully immersed in the sights and sounds of a virtual world is there little wonder why anyone would be excited at the possibility of a VR game based on everyone's favorite xenomorph?

Mod takes the Alien out of Alien: Isolation

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Sega's first-person sci-fi horror Alien: Isolation is surely very much about your interaction with the xenomorph of titular reference, but the constant threat of danger makes it hard to take in everything around you. Thankfully a modder has found a way to let us stop and smell the space roses.

Sega offers Alien: Isolation Collection on Steam

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Alien: Isolation came barging into the room last year and put a hard scare on our collective psyche with it's terrifying first-person experience set in the iconic sci-fi universe. Sega has come back just in time for Halloween to give anyone who missed out on anything Alien: Isolation had to offer the full package in the form of a collection containing the game and all DLC released as of yet.

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