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A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like you're the Queen.

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It Looks Like There's an Alien Isolation Animated Series Coming This Year

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Earlier this year, the Alien Twitter page tweeted out the words "Read.Play.Watch". They could have been referencing an Alien Isolation animated series, which may be coming as soon as April.

Next Aliens Game Will Be a Destiny-Like MMO Shooter

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Fox doesn't want us to have nice things. Right off of revealing that Alien Blackout will be a mobile game, the next Aliens game will be a Destiny-like shooter.

Sorry Folks, Alien Blackout is a Mobile Game

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New Alien teasers suggested an Alien Isolation 2 reveal soon, and the rumoured Alien Blackout is real... but it's not the game you wanted.

The Best Horror Games on PC

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Looking for a horror game or several to play on PC? We've rounded up the best ones in this here list.

Here's What Alien Isolation Third-Person Mode Looked Like

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While the final version was excellently done in first-person, there originally was an Alien Isolation Third-Person mode - and now we've got official video footage of it.

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