Alien: Isolation Features

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Preview: Chris Capel hides in a cupboard... IN SPACE.

In space, so goes the saying, no one can hear you scream. What that saying doesn't tell you is if you do scream you'll attract the attention of an eight-foot-tall slobbering penis-shaped extraterrestrial and be hideously killed (or are in the process of being hideously killed by said extraterrestrial). Unless you're in an Aliens game of course, where you're...

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Interview: In space, Michael Westgarth talks to Alien: Isolation's creative lead Al Hope.

Unless you've been living in a space locker for the past three months, you're undoubtedly aware of Alien: Isolation. This latest attempt at a satisfying Alien videogame by Sega and Creative Assembly is set to be a spooky blend of sci-fi horror and first-person gameplay. Strategy Informer's Chris Capel has already given his thoughts via his preview article, so we sat down with Alien:...