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American McGee's Grimm Latest News

American McGee denies his studio Spicy Horse is shutting down

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Yesterday, an anonymous artist from Shanghai-based developer Spicy Horse claimed on Chinese social media site Weibo that the studio was shutting down. Studio founder American McGee denies this claim.

American McGee's Grimm hits Steam

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Dark, episodic fairy-tale American McGee's Grimm is out now on Steam, with all of its 23 episodes available.

American McGee's Grimm hits Steam Greenlight

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American McGee has put his 2008 episodic adventure game series American McGee's Grimm on Steam Greenlight. The original game had 23 episodes that ran from the 31st July 2008 through to the 24th April 2009, about a dwarf named Grimm who wanted to turn fairy tales back to their original, dark stories.