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American Truck Simulator's 1:20 Scale Update Brings More Than Just Wider Roads

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We reported sometime last month that the open roads of American Truck Simulator were going to hit the gallon big gulps. With Open Beta behind us, the time has arrived to brave the wider lanes of the Great American Highway.

The Open Roads Of American Truck Simulator Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger

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It's Thursday, the weekend is nearly here, but you can't face the thought of pushing through with Friday to get there. With a long week almost behind you, you'd rather start the wind-down early by riding the open road in the most patriotic truck you can find. The American Truck Simulator update just made the virtual world considerably bigger.

You can take your truck simulators to the Steam workshop soon

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Hey, it’s me. Gamewatcher’s resident American Truck Simulator evangelist. Are you ready for some ATS news? Well, hold on to your swindle sheets, because this news hits international truckers just the same.

American Truck Simulator adds Kenworth W900, improves traffic law simulation

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Yes, I am the only only one keeping American Truck Simulator coverage alive here on GameWatcher, and yes, I’m excited enough about it to include ”traffic law simulation” in this headline.

American Truck Simulator has a demo now

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Okay, okay. I get it. Maybe trucking up and down the highway isn’t your cup of tea. It’s not the most exciting or engaging thing in the world. There are already a lot of really terrific games out this year.

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