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E3 2015: Ubisoft announce Anno 2205, can expand to Lunar colony, releasing November 3rd

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Blue Byte is working on Anno 2205 which starts on the Earth and eventually - if you're good enough - expands to building a full settlement on the moon. You can then shuttle trade between them.

It's full of fancy futuristic tech and the city limits look rather generous. Who needs a highway connection where you're commuting to the moon? Take the space elevator! It's coming November 3rd.

Medieval sandbox city-builder Banished inspired by Anno, Settlers and SimCity

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A city built how you want it without arbitrary tech requirements or the demand to log into a server? Madness. Indie developer Luke Hodorowicz has created Banished, a medieval-style sandbox to play in.

Maps are randomly generated and its from here we act as the "collective consciousness" of the town, striving to make it prosper - we're no God or Mayor. Townspeople are our resource.