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Is this Claymation adventure a Neverhood or a Nevershouldabacked?

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Armikrog delayed once again, pushed back to September 30

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Pencil Test has delayed its claymation adventure game Armikrog once again, shifting its projected release date from September 8 to September 30. It's the second delay in the last four weeks.

As the team points out, however, better a few weeks waiting than a buggy final product. The extra time is needed to combat some particularly troublesome bugs that prevent progression.

"Over the past 7 days we've had some new technical issues pop up," explains Pencil Test. "Specifically some critical bugs called 'progression stoppers,' where users couldn’t get past certain points in the game. While these bugs continue to be fixable, they just aren't issues that we can ship with. Even this morning the Quality Assurance team kicked back a build due to an early critical bug. Yes, everyone is working through the Labor Day weekend, including our pals in Q.A."

Claymation adventure Armikrog pushed back to September

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Pencil Test Studios' claymation adventure Armikrog has been pushed back a few weeks. Rather than launching on August 18, as initially planned, the game will now drop on September 8.

"As we're approaching the finish line," the team writes in a Kickstarter backer update post, "we've come across some details in the game that we really want to address. Some of the issues are about tuning, while others are straight-up bugs fixes."

Clay animation adventure Armikrog confirmed August 18th

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Pencil Test Studios will be releasing the Kickstarted adventure Armikrog this August. The clay animation styled game is a spiritual successor to The Neverhood. It's currently available to pre-order.

The studio is using "classic sculpting, set building and clay and puppet fabrication" combined with stop-motion animation. They've got a voice cast featuring Jon Heder, Rob Paulsen and Michael J. Nelson.

Developer Pencil Test bringing stop-motion adventure Armikrog to PC in early 2015‏

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Pencil Test has partnered up with publisher Versus Evil to bring its stop-motion animated adventure game Armikrog to PC, Mac and Linux in early 2015.

Created by Mike Dietz of Earthworm Jim fame and Ed Schofield, the man behind The Neverhood, Armikrog was Kickstarted last year to the tune of $974,000.

Armikrog enters final days of Kickstarter, $230k more needed

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With just three days left on the Armikrog Kickstarter clock the clay-powered adventure game is in danger of not achieving its goal. Over 13,500 backers have pledged around $667k, but it needs $900k.

The Pencil Test Studios team has also announced plans for a Wii U version. They've also launched another 'Making Of' video to give a peek at how they bring Armikrog to life through 'go-motion'.

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