Ashen Rift: A Man And His Dog

EU & US Release date: 14 Dec, 2014
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Ashen Rift: A Man And His Dog Summary

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Ashen Rift is "a man and a dog" against Earth shattering forces, now on Kickstarter

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Think your four-legged best friend can take on apocalyptic journeys? Ashen Rift is single-player, first-person survival game. It's got Quake and HeXen inspirations for that "classic shooter" feel.

Pyroclastic Games has brought their project to Kickstarter where they ask for $85,000 CAD with over 40 days to go. A portal has opened on Earth and has "raged with impunity" - now it's up to us.

Kickstarter Profile: Barry Collins' Ashen Rift

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Michael Westgarth explores the post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his dog.

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