Batman: Arkham Asylum Features

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Preview: Could this be the game to give The Dark Knight his edge back?

Batman is all about lurking in the shadows, and there’s nowhere more shrouded in darkness than the decrepit corridors of Arkham Asylum; home to every insane bad guy The Dark Knight has banged up over the years. Developer Rocksteady are attempting to make this the definitive Batman game, which shouldn’t be too difficult given the lacklustre videogame history of the Caped Crusader thus far,...

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Preview: Batman: Arkham Asylum is the most serious Batman game ever. Read inside why.

Superhero games generally have a bad rap, and for good reason: they stink. Literally, they leave a bad taste in our mouth's, with few exceptions. Some of the worst games ever developed have been superhero titles. Thankfully, Batman isn't a real superhero. He's a crime-fighting tight-wearing detective, with unlimited funds and a craving for dark places. That doesn't mean Batman games of the past were...