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First-person "eerie" action adventure Betrayer launching March 24th

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A mysteriously abandoned New World colony in 1604 awaits our exploration in Betrayer, an "eerie first person" action adventure from developer Blackpowder Games, and F.E.A.R. designer Craig Hubbard.

Supernatural threats lurk in Betrayer and we'll have to contend with them as we try to figure out what happened. It's about first-person exploration with "minimal hand-holding."

Betrayer announced as first-person action in colonial 17th century Virginia

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Blackpowder Games has snuck up on us with a first-person action adventure set in 1604. We sailed from England to join a colony in Virginia, but we're met by ghosts and mystery. That's immigration control for you.

We have to try and figure out what caused all colour (literally) and life to be drained from the colony, and why some mysterious lady in red is helping us from afar.