Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition Summary

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Blood Bowl 2 features upgradeable stadiums, pitch invasions

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Cyanide's Blood Bowl 2 is well underway as the fantasy American football game set in the Warhammer universe will be as boisterous as ever. The stadiums will be upgradeable from modest pitches to eyesores.

These upgrades aren't just for aesthetics as team fans can storm the pitch and trample rivals, and there are the bonuses you can enjoy. Its graphics engine is all-new for Blood Bowl 2.

Focus Home tease Blood Bowl 2, turn-based Warhammer sport from Cyanide

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Having been in development for a year at Cyanide, publisher Focus Home announces that the sequel Blood Bowl 2 will be bringing Warhammer's take on American football back onto our PCs in turned-based style.

Jim Johnson and ex-pro athlete Bob Bifford return, as the Vampire and Ogre duo once again commentate matches, and hold 'important roles'. They'll be fleshed out as fully viewable characters.

Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition coming this September

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Focus Homer Interactive that yet another special edition of their Games Workshop-licensed game will be coming this September, Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition.

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