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Borderlands 2 Features

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Interview: We talk to the Vice-President of Gearbox about Borderlands 2…

Borderlands was a surprise hit, and no one was more surprised than Vice-President of Gearbox, Steve Gibson. At a recent hands-on event for Borderlands 2, we talked to him about both games and what they hope to achieve this time around… Strategy Informer: Gearbox seemed to be a bit coy about...

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Preview: We go hands-on with all the guns, ever.

The first thing that struck me was just how small the Gunzerker guy was. I mean he’s basically a dwarf… except he looks nothing like Tyrion Lannister, he just looks like a guy who’s comically small – was not expecting that. But then we imagine Gearbox were not expecting the first Borderlands to go on and sell up to four and a half million copies. This surprising success has...