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Call of Cthulhu Review

Our final verdict on the Call of Cthulhu. Is it a maddening disappointment?

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Call of Cthulhu Patch Notes - Update 1 Released

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The first update for the latest take on Lovecraft's popular story is now out, with the developers detailing what's coming next, as well.

Call of Cthulhu Piano Puzzle - Sanders Residence Piano Puzzle Solution

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We show you how to solve the Call of Cthulhu Piano Puzzle in the Sanders Residence, and get the last Occultism clue!

Call of Cthulhu Voice Cast - Here's the Full Call of Cthulhu Cast List!

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Want to know who's who in the game? We've got the full Call of Cthulhu voice cast list right here. Yes, Detective Pierce DOES sound familiar...

Call of Cthulhu Safe Code - How to Unlock The Nameless Bookstore Safe

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One of the few proper adventure game puzzles in the game is the Nameless Bookstore Safe, and we show you how to get the Call of Cthulhu Safe Code.

Call of Cthulhu Shambler - How to Beat the Shambler Boss

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We show you how to beat the Call of Cthulhu Shambler boss, find all three Glyphs, and banish the creature once and for all!

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