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Call of Duty May Be Revisiting Modern Warfare and Black Ops Franchise Next

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According to a survey Activision has been emailing players, the publisher is considering forgoing new IP's completely and focusing solely on Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and surprisingly, WWII.

Former High Moon CTO illustrates 'Vicious Cycle' of low quality games

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Clinton Keith, former CTO for High Moon, has put together what he considers the 'Vicious Cycle' keeping developers and gamers locked in a whirlwind of buggy launches.

Basically, marketing has become too powerful a force inside publishers and ends up being the deciding factor when it comes to releasing games, and that's because of stakeholder pressure.

Original Call of Duty "much more like Allied Assault," codenamed 'MOH killer'

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Former Infinity Ward employees have spilled the redacted beans on the original Call of Duty's development back when the studio first formed. Medal of Honor was the first-person shooter King at the time.

Apparently Call of Duty was codenamed 'MOH killer', even though its initial design was similar to MOH: Allied Assault, which followed the "super-spy in WWII story" formula.

Darksiders II leads UK monthly sales for August 2012

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Darksiders II led software sales in the UK for August 2012, with NCAA Football 13, the collegiate American football EA Sports title, making a surprising #4 appearance. Sleeping Dogs, which topped the weekly charts for two straight weeks, debuted at #6.

Major Nelson reveals Marketplace content for 26th June to 9th July

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Major Nelson has revealed the content that will be hitting Xbox Live Marketplace for the next two weeks from the 26th June to the 9th July. The most noteworthy content hitting Marketplace is the highly anticipated Dawnguard expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which will run gamers a whole 1600 MSP ($19.99 USD), as well as the free Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut and the Close Quarters expansion for Battlefield 3 for 1200 MSP ($14.99 USD).

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