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Champions Online Review

A Cryptic success?

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Champions Online gets a new class: The Witch

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Champions Online an MMORPG that has been somewhat low on players and is perceived as a failed MMO is still receiving content updates, the latest of which have added a new archetype to the game: The Witch.

Champions Online Adding Customisable Vehicles This Week

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Something has been missing from Champions Online. Every hero needs a swanky vehicle. Your chance to control a customised motor is going to appear in the game's next update, which is due to arrive this week.

Cryptic sends emails to users warning of database intrusion

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Crypic has sent out an email to their subscribers past and present announcing that after a "routine security checks and upgrades", the company found that "an unauthorized party" might have accessed their account information, including their password.

Star Wars: The Old Republic last 'AAA MMO' with subscriptions [UPDATE]

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Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley strongly believes that EA and BioWare's Star Wars MMO will be the last giant to use full subscriptions.

SOE is busy developing Planetside 2 which features free-to-play elements, possibly using an auction house system. F2P is a business model 'here to stay'.

UPDATE: John Smedley has clarified what he told a Chinese website about Planetside 2 in an interview as there was some "really bad translation going on". There will be no "RMT auction house" in SOE's Planetside 2, and its beta isn't locked down yet.

Atari sells Cryptic Studios to Chinese MMO publisher

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Atari has announced that it has sold Cryptic Studios, developer of City of Heroes, Champions Online and Star Trek Online, for $50M to Perfect World Entertainment, a major Chinese-based MMO publisher, best known for such MMOs as Perfect World, Ether Saga Online and Jade Dynasty. Cryptic had originally purchased Cryptic for $27M.

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