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Preview: From zero to hero.

Everyone has a favourite superhero, whether you’re a comic geek or not. Only those utterly bereft of imagination will baulk at the idea, but surely no one can resist debating which would be the best superpower to possess. Flight, invisibility, super strength – they’re all present in Champions Online for you to build your very own fantasy superhero from the ground up. The spiritual...

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Interview: Strategy Informer talks with Jack Emmert, Cryptic Studios Chief Creative Officer, about the launch of Champions Online..

With the launch of Cryptic Studios highly-anticipated Superhero-based MMO 'Champions Online', we caught up with the developer to gain a little more insight into the future plans for a city under siege. Strategy Informer: For those not lucky enough to be in the beta, can you give us a quick overview of the core ideas behind Champions Online, and what new players...