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XCOM’s Julian Gollop announces new turn-based tactics game

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Julian Gollop, one of the creators of the original XCOM (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown), took to Twitter today to announce his new game, Phoenix Point.

Chaos Reborn update brings new spells

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Chaos Reborn, the card battling meets wargaming title from XCOM designer Julian Gollop, is getting a new update that adds a number of fresh spells and tactics.

Chaos Reborn finishes Early Access, officially released

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Chaos Reborn is a successfully Kickstarted product from the mind that created the original XCOM/UFO games, Julian Gollop. A turn-based wizard combat game, it's been sitting in Early Access since April this year and has finally been officially released alongside a new update and launch trailer.

Chaos Reborn will release in full on October 26

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X-COM creator Julian Gollop has announced that version 1.0 of his Early Access strategy title Chaos Reborn will be released on October 26, after a year and a half in development.

Demigod and god roles will be the most significant addition in the final version of the game, but there will also be additional spells and game modes, an upgraded interface and several other new bits and pieces.

Chaos Reborn gains single player realm quests in latest Early Access update

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Snapshot Games' turn-based strategy Chaos Reborn now features single player realm quests with version 0.28, which is fresh from the studio this week. There's co-op mode for certain battles if you need a hand.

This new Early Access update includes new battle environments and matchmaking now has multiple preferences. Items will no longer 'level up' and instead start at the maximum level. All old staffs and gear removed.

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