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Open-world dystopian vehicle combat in Collateral now on Steam Early Access

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A flying, heavily-armed taxi? That's all you really need to know that's pertinent in your decision to punch cash through your monitor to get yourself into the Early Access version of Collateral.

Set in a dystopic future, we're flying a taxi around an open-world city teeming with traffic zipping about. We drive/pilot a "highly customisable and heavily armed" caught between devious factions.

Space taxi sim Collateral hits Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

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In the grand tradition of Harry Canyon from Heavy Metal, Collateral puts the player in the role of a flying taxi driver named Zack Edgewater, whose job puts him in the crossfire "between warring factions, bloodthirsty customers, and the corrupt corporations that run the city of New Bedlam."

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