Command & Conquer (2014) Features

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Interview: Strategy Informer sat down with Senior Development Director Tim Morten to talk what impact those changes have had, why the developer settled on Generals and how they have balanced bringing AAA production values to a free-to-play game..

With a tally of twenty games stretching back to 1995, four developers and innumerable fans, few strategy franchises have enjoyed the kind of long-standing popularity and success the Command & Conquer series has seen. Now, in the year 2013, C&C is being given new life in the custody of a new developer working with a new engine and a new business model that reflects EA's fondness for social and free-to-play...

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Preview: The classic RTS franchise lives on in a free-to-play form - but how does it play?

Once upon a time, I was really very good at Command & Conquer. At 24 I’m a bit young to have been properly good at the games during what many would argue was their heyday, but at the EA Los Angeles-developed entries in the series, Tiberium and Red Alert 3, I was great. In my university years I spent more time online battling than I strictly speaking should’ve, and even...