Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Features

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Preview: Anyone fancy another game of Conquers?

With a long, esteemed history spanning almost fifteen years that has seen the acrimonious dissolution of original creators Westwood Studios and the subsequent takeover of EA’s own in-house team in LA, Command & Conquer has continued to define the modern Real Time Strategy genre with which it has indelibly become synonymous. Now with the impending...

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Interview: A chat with C&C 4 producer Raj Joshi and star Joe Kucan, that reveals more than you want to know. (PC).

We're sat in front of a tasty PC rig, opposite Joe Kucan aka the man who's played series villain Kane throughout the entire Command & Conquer series, even directing some of the cut scenes. He is the face of Command & Conquer for all intents and purposes and we're sat right in front of him playing as the GDI to his Nod. And we're winning! We might actually defeat Kane himself, we think to...