Command: Modern Naval/Air Operations Latest News

Slitherine and Matrix Games Are Developing Training Software For The US Military

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They're developing a professional version of CMANO to show to delegates from the armed forces.

Huge new update out for military simulation title Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations

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Forget your real-time strategy games with their fancy graphics and Hollywood tank rushes, if you really want to experience the reality of modern military command then look no further than Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations; a game that accurately simulates the real-life tension of staring nervously at radar blips.

Patch 1.04 is out for Command today, packing in a bunch of new improvements, bug fixes and UI tweaks.

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations now available

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Matrix Games has announced that its hardcore wargame Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations is now available for purchase from the studio's official site.