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Conan Exiles Patch Notes - Hotfix 18.05.2017

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For how much we've chimed on about Conan Exiles, we didn't quite expect to carry it onto into release, but given the game's Early Access state, it's going to be getting a lot of patches.

Conan Exiles Introduces Its First Siege Weapon - The Trebuchet - In Update 23

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Starting to feel like your blades and clubs aren't so effective when trying to break into an enemy stronghold in Conan Exiles? You'll soon be able to rely on more than just your Avatar to do some serious siege damage.

Conan Exiles Leaves Early Access In 2018 - Here's Everything We Can Expect For The Next Year

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There's no hiding it that Conan Exiles has been a massive early success for Funcom. And with a likely large amount of resources going into keeping the game from buckling under the launch pressure, there's bound to be fans wondering what's to come in terms of new content for the Early Access title.

Conan Exiles Regains Dedicated Servers Through A New Hosting Partner

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Closing in on the first month of availability, it's time for FunCom to reintroduce dedicated servers back into Conan Exiles.

Conan Exiles Begins Publicly Testing Upcoming Patches Within The Beta Tab Of Steam

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If those daily Conan Exiles patches are just a little too slow for you, you can go one above by venturing onto one of the Testlive servers.

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