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Command & Conquer and Star Wars: Empire At War devs making a Conan The Barbarian game

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Petroglyph Games, the ex-Westwood developers behind Star Wars: Empire At War, Forged Battalion, Grey Goo and more are working on a Conan game with Funcom.

Conan Exiles From Early Access, Releases For Xbox One And PS4 on 8th May

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Funcom has announced today that after 14 months of Early Access, Conan Exiles is set to launch on 8th May.

Funcom teasing new game announcement for Feb 28, may be a Mutant Chronicles game

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Conan Exiles developer Funcom will announce a new game on February 28, and it could be related to the popular Mutant Chronicles tabletop RPG.

Conan Exiles developer Funcom Now Own All Robert E Howard IP, New Game To Be Announced 2018

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Funcom have set up a new venture called 'Heroic Signatures' that owns all interactive rights to the likes of Conan the Barbarian, Solomon Kane, Kult and Mutant Chronicles, and will not be the only ones developing those franchises - in fact there's a new third-party game coming next year.

Conan Exiles Patch Notes - Update #32 December 14 2017

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For how much we've chimed on about Conan Exiles, we didn't quite expect to carry it onto into release, but given the game's Early Access state, it's going to be getting a lot of patches.

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