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Majestic foundation quickly devolves into a human meat grinder, and not in a good way.

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Cossacks 3 Brings The Pain With a Launch Trailer

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Straight out of the barracks with our torn review this morning, GSC Game World have descended upon Youtube to show off just how many individually controller soldiers you can have killed in the sequel to the award winning strategy game.

Considering it's more a remake of the original 2000 Cossacks classic, Cossacks 3 likely pushes its predecessor far in the water when it comes to having 10,000 footmen strolling around the battlefield.

Cossacks 3 details early bird bonuses, DLC plans, shows off some new screenshots

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Cossacks 3 is releasing in less than a month, bringing back the classic RTS franchise with fresh content and a new 3D graphic engine. Today, the developers at GSC Game World sent along some new screenshots, as well as details on their Early Bird Bonus and DLC plans.

Cossacks 3 brings back classic RTS warfare this September

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It’s been a long time since Cossacks laid siege to historical warfare--well over a decade, in fact--but it looks to make a triumphant march back to home computers on September 20. Billed as a remake of the classic game, Cossacks 3 will retain the elements that set apart the RTS franchise and combine them with modern 3D graphics.

Interested in Cossacks 3? GSC are looking for beta testers

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Ever dreamed of working as part of the GSC team on Cossacks 3? Well, now’s your chance as GSC announced earlier today that they are now accepting applications for beta testers.

Successful candidates will be chosen based on their experience in gaming, age and PC specifications. The testing will also be completed in waves to ensure that Cossacks 3 is completed at the best quality possible. So by the sounds of it, you stand a good chance of being successful if you apply early.

New Cossacks 3 trailer shows off French units and buildings

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GSC Game World has released a new trailer for its upcoming historical strategy based on the great battles of the 17th and 18th centuries. This new video shows off the French units and buildings that will be featured in the game.

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