Crysis 2 Features

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Interview: We talk to one of the minds behind Crysis 2...

In conjunction with our hands on preview, we decided to sit down with Crytek Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo to talk to him a little bit about the game. Please note, that during this interview, Camarillo was showing off a build of the game in 3D, which we hadn't seen before, which is why the first couple of questions are 3D related. 

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Preview: We take another look one of this year's long awaited releases...

Crysis has long been considered a staple of PC gaming. An Involved plot, tactical action... even the multiplayer is considered to be one of the greatest online experiences around. A sequel then was a no brainer, but in an era where PC gaming is perceived to be on the decline, publishers are more and more pushing for the multi-format approach. What will this mean for a game that...

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Preview: Start spreading the news, Crysis 2 is inbound. From treetops to rooftops, how will Crytek's sequel live up to its already growing hype?

Crysis. If there ever was a title synonymous with PC gaming, it would be that particular near-future shooter. Not necessarily hardcore PC gaming, as shooters in general are starting to become more mainstream, but since you needed a supercomputer just to play the game, you knew anyone who owned it had more than a casual interest.