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Crysis 3 Features

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Interview: Strategy Informer talks with Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli and Game Director Rasmus Hojengaard to talk technology, whether there's room for innovation in shooters anymore and what Crytek's possible free-to-play future means for Crysis..

I wouldn't call Crysis 3 a stealth game, not from what I’ve played at least, but there is a considerable emphasis on creatively circumventing all-out combat and Crysis 3 seems a whole lot more playful than Crysis 2, more interpretative; each combat zone a dynamic puzzle that alters with every step forward, every sound made and every ill-advised rustle through the long grass. The Hunter...

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Preview: Mark Seymour gets 15-minutes of hands-on time with Crysis 3.

The Crysis series has never slumped far down the quality chart, but the first game remains the franchise headshot; a shooter diametrically opposed to the empty-thrill, pop-up shooting galleries that have come to typify the genre. Crytek knows it. With the third game, the veteran developer is hoping to evoke the glories of the original game, albeit within the vague context of Crysis 2's...

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Preview: Chris Capel is the hunter. He’s got a T-shirt to prove it.

I really enjoyed Crysis 2 you know. Despite the slight (and mostly justified) fan backlash that saw Crytek’s first console FPS go from a huge open playground to confined street areas, it was still my favourite FPS of 2011. When Crytek said they were attempting to mix both Crysis games together for the third entry, as well as bringing back my personal favourite character...

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Preview: We grab our bow and arrow and go hunting in an overgrown New York City.

Crysis 3 looks like an evolution as opposed to a revolution, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Seeing the game last week at an EA event left me largely hungry to actually go hands-on – though we sadly won’t get a chance to do that for a while – this is a 2013 game. Running on an upgraded version of CryEngine 3, it appears to be taking cues from the first and...