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Daikatana Latest News

Square Enix Humble Bundle offers some really good games and Daikatana

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The Square Enix Humble Bundle is now live, offering a varied selection of quality titles that you can feel good about playing because you also gave to charity.

It does come with the notoriously s*** Daikatana (a swordfight in a turd factory), but that's no reason to deprive a good cause, right? Okay, fair point, maybe it is.

Romero 'regrets and apologises' for PC Daikatana's ad campaign

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Doom co-creator John Romero has now offered an apology ten years after Daikatana's 'make you my bitch' ad campaign hit us in the face.

The veteran notes the "ad changed everything" and he had enjoyed "a great relationship" with gamers up until then. Daikatana wasn't loved.