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Darkspore Latest News

Darkspore getting shuttered next week

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Spore was unfortunately an unholy mess when it first launched back in 2008. The game was supposed to be SimEverything (that was actually its original title), but ended up feeling restricted and unfinished. Several spinoffs were released, including Darkspore, which was a Diablo-style action-RPG version of Spore in which players created a hero and had them travel to different planets to fight enemies.

The game was launched in 2011, and despite being pulled from Steam, it continued to live on. However, Electronic Arts and Maxis have announced they are pulling the plug on the servers, effectively ending the game's run.

Action RPG Darkspore withdrawn from Steam following server connection errors

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EA Maxis released an action-RPG, if you can remember that far back. It's called Darkspore and was the studios attempt to break into a new genre. It wasn't met with the greatest critical reception, and it was troubled with bugs.

Now Darkspore is virtually broken as players are getting slammed with an error code, which means they can't connect to servers. The issue is so widespread that Steam has removed it from sale.

Maxis GDC event ignites SimCity rumours

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Could EA Maxis be thinking of a new SimCity instalment? It's a tenuous hope at best. EA has announced that Maxis will be a part of their Game Changer event at GDC, held March 6th.

Of the Maxis event they tease a "huge event w/ special guests." The Facebook for Game Changer asks what would you do if you had the "power to change the world?"

Maxis working on new "triple-A simulation style game"

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The house that built SimCity, The Sims and Spore is now cooking up some new kind of "simulation style game" reveals a job post for EA Maxis. The studio is after a Graphics Engineer.

The Sims is handled by a dedicated studio so it shouldn't be touching the franchise. Could we get a glorious return to SimCity though? Could Spore get a full sequel? What of Darkspore?

CV reveals EA plan to "modify" Darkspore for Xbox 360 and PS3

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Maxis' latest series Darkspore won't be shackled to the PC as apparently studio Naked Sky Entertainment have been tasked with prepping the title for consoles.

The Spore-inspired action-RPG will release for Xbox 360 and PS3 according to a developer's online CV, which clearly states they "worked with Maxis" on it.

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