Dead by Daylight Latest Updates

Dead By Daylight Ash Williams Leak

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Killers beware: Ash Williams seems to be making its way to Dead by Daylight, slowly but certainly. Is there going to be a special game mode where Ash chases the killers? We sure hope so.

Dead by Daylight Killer 2019 - Meet the Plague Killer

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Dead by Daylight's Demise of the Faithful Chapter adds a new Killer called The Plague.

Dead By Daylight's 2019 Moonrise Lunar New Year Event Kicks off at the End of January

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Dead By Daylight's 2019 Moonrise Lunar New Year Event brings back a familiar format while adding new cosmetics.

Dead by Daylight Frank's Mixtape - What is It, and How to Get One?

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Interested in getting the special 'Frank's Mixtape' item to spruce up your Killer's skillset? Here's how to go about getting one.

Dead by Daylight Fog Whisperers - Who's in the Pilot?

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Developers of Dead by Daylight intend to bank heavily on its streamers and viewer numbers, and we know who, exactly, is going to be making it into the Fog Whisperers programme.

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