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Dead By Daylight – Update 3.0.0 Release, How to Get The Ghost Face and Abilities

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With Dead by Daylight's Update 3.0.0 drawing close, we look at when it's out on all platforms, how its new killer, The Ghost Face, is unlocked and what its abilities are.

Dead By Daylight Update 3.0.0 – Patch Notes Revealed

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Dead By Daylight's Update 3.0.0 is set to go live today, its patch notes revealing the addition of The Ghost Face as a new killer, alongside a number of changes.

Dead by Daylight Double Bloodpoints Schedule - 2019 Events

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Though not that common, Dead by Daylight Double Bloodpoints events do happen moderately often. Here's everything we know about the previous, ongoing, and future Double Bloodpoint events!

Dead By Deadlight Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With Scream's Ghost Face

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Dead By Daylight is celebrating its third anniversary by introducing Wes Craven's classic killer Ghost Face from Scream.

New Dead by Daylight Pig Cosmetics Revealed

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Dead by Daylight's next licensed killer will be the Pig, and according to the latest leaks, she'll be the first licensed killer to receive special cosmetics and skins.

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