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Everybody's Gone to the Rapture "not going to be out this year"

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The Chinese Room has confirmed that their Everybody's Gone to the Rapture PS4 game will not be releasing this year. It would be "unrealistic" to assume it was ever going to be out in 2014.

The developer never gave 2014 as a date as it was just assumed when a trailer debuted last year. They've also removed a 60-minute time limit they had planned.

Dear Esther reaches 250K sales

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Dear Esther writer Dan Pinchbeck has announced on his Twitter feed that his moody first person adventure game has surpassed 250,000 sales.

Game of the Month - February

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February was a great month for games, but who came out on top?

Frictional: A Machine for Pigs won't be "friendly, cuddly or cozy"

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For those few gamers who are worried about the lightening of the mood in the sequel to the dark horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs, Frictional Games boss Thomas Grip reassures them that the game will be anything but "friendly, cuddly or cozy."

Indie adventure game Dear Esther turns profit in 6 hours

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Developer TheChineseRoom's mystical adventure game, Dear Esther, has had a very successful launch. The indie Source engine game turned a profit in just six hours, selling 16,000 units at $9.99 USD (£6.99) a pop.

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