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Ambient Studios shuttered, Death Inc. cancelled

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Indie studio Ambient Studios, which was formed by ex-Criterion, Media Molecule and Lionhead developers, is shutting down while Death Inc is being cancelled.

Steam's sixth list of Greenlit games announced

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There are more Greenlit titles on the way to an official Steam release as Valve reveal the sixth list of community approved games. Among them are Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and Battle Worlds: Kronos.

Death Inc. is heading for Steam, which is now getting its crowd-sourced funding through alpha sales. Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, which is due in 2014, also got a huge thumbs up.

Death Inc. resurrects with paid alpha, full game out this November

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Ambient Studios' Death Inc. has no intentions of staying buried six feet under despite their Kickstarter campaign failing to reach its goal. The developer turns to a 'paid alpha model' instead to see them through.

As of today $10 buys you alpha access and you can download and play it. It focuses on Grim T. Livingstone, a freelance reaper looking to build his own business empire of souls in 1660's England.

Death Inc. prototype demo released with 10 mins of gameplay

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Jonny Hopper of developer Ambient Studios describes the freshly released demo of their real-time strategy Death Inc. as "not even really a demo." He'd be right because it's "a prototype." A very very rough prototype.

In it there's a "short 10 minute slice" of what Ambient are trying to do with Death Inc., which needs around £240k more in pledges with 15 days left on its Kickstarter campaign. The fun is "easy to extrapolate".

Ambient on Death Inc.'s strategy: "Streamlined is the wrong word"

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Ambient have just put their Death Inc. reaper strategy game on Kickstarter. In our talk with the studio we learn how to make the Black Death 'funny'. It involves a lot of great art and dark humour.

One issue is the actual commanding of our infected hordes to spread the plague. Ambient prefer the term "freehand" over 'streamlined', as they remove that "clicks per second" control barrier.

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