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Defiance 2050 Crusader Class brings a melee-focused character this Fall

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Trion Worlds are bringing the new Crusader character class to Defiance 2050 this Autumn, although fans aren't happy.

Trion Worlds Reveal Content Roadmap For Defiance 2050

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New classes, new enemies, a new over-arching threat! Lots of things to be looking forward to.

Defiance 2050 - How To Get Melee Weapons

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Unlike the previous version of Defiance, melee weapons do not seem to be easily available - and yet the game clearly shows characters using them. So how do you get melee weapons in Defiance 2050?

Defiance 2050 - All Time Trial Locations

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We show you where to find all Time Trials and racing Challenges in Defiance 2050!

Defiance 2050 Patch Notes Update: Hotfix 7/17/18

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Defiance 2050 has received another hotfix, this time focused specifically on working out the remaining kinks in the code. There's downtime scheduled, too, so find details right here.

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